Spill Containment Pallet

IBC Spill Containment Pallet I Spill Pallet

4 Drum Spill Containment Pallet / IBC Spill Pallet
size: 1300x1300xH300mm
260L capacity with drain
material HDPE
application: to

Spill pallet are 3 types, which are 2 and 4 Drum Spill Pallet and IBC spill pallet is made with durable quality polyethylene with removable platform.

Spill containment pallet is used only for static spill containment, drums need to be removed before transported with forklift.

Spill pallet helps prevent the leakage pollute the land,
environment, and collect the leakage for centralized processing in
regular period.

Spill pallet prevents the leakage which will pollute land,

No matter the pallets are made of steel
of plastic, they are built in to contain leaks, drips or ruptures from
chemical storage drums.

The typical design includes a plastic or metal
grate on which the drums sit, with a sump below the grate into which the
contents will flow during a spill. 

Spill pallet/deck is a very common product that we get along with nowadays.

 It is invented in US and the reason we use spill pallets is to avoid spill/leakage from the drums of dangerous chemicals.

 Oils and chemicals need a way to capture a leak from a chemical drum immediately so that the spill never reaches the environment.

Spill pallets are the solution to contain drum leaks and spills before an incident escalates out of control.

Some models include a drain plug
that allows the spill to be easily drained into a safe receptacle.


concept is simple, but incredibly effective, and it is widely used in
hazmat shipping today.


Here are the advantages and offering of accurate
solutions for some common problems.

2. Spill pallets improve worker safety and the ability to detect small leaks and drips.

For many hazardous materials, even a small leak or drip can pose a serious threat to health and safety—and they’re not always easy to notice and catch in time. Moving a pallet that’s leaking hazardous materials can cause serious injury to your workers and, unfortunately, most traditional pallets provide little protection against these hazards.

3. Air Sea’s spill pallet models are easy to move and store in a standard warehouse setup.

spill containment pallet models are designed so that they can be easily moved with common warehouse equipment such as a forklift or pallet jack. They also nest neatly inside each other so that they can be easily stored without taking up much space when they’re not in use.

4. Spill pallets are a long-lasting investment.

Spill containment pallets are made from durable materials that will hold up to long-term use. Both polyethylene and steel spill pallets feature a tough, rugged construction that makes them a great investment in the safety and financial security of your business.

5. Spill pallets are available in all shapes and sizes to meet your needs.

For different sizes (two, three, four drum), material (against corrosion, temperature, etc), there is always a suitable model of pallet to fulfill your needs.

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