Used Wooden Pallet


Buying used wooden pallet can help your company to save money while reducing its carbon footprint. All of our second hand products are reconditioned, making them capable of supporting the same weights as new wooden products, but at a fraction of the cost. They are a popular and clever alternative to buying new and our high standards of quality are never compromised.

Fit to Suit Any Requirement

If your company is looking to lower its overhead, consider using second hand wooden pallet or used wooden pallet to save on transportation and operational costs. Our range of used pallets includes a variety of shapes, sizes and grades to suit any requirement. Great value for money, our second hand shipping pallets are a popular choice for many customers.

A Smart Alternative

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the range of used pallets in our warehouse. Completely refurbished to ensure solid working condition just like new wooden shipping pallets, our second hand products are a smart alternative that can save your company money and reduce your impact on the environment.

Take Advantage of Pallet Recovery

Recycling used wooden pallet through a pallet recovery, return, and repair loop can turn an often overlooked aspect of
your business into a major asset.

Not only does it help to reduce waste in our world, but it also can help your business save money, improve workplace safety, and reduce storage needs. If your business regularly uses pallets, start reaping the benefits of pallet recovery today. 

4 Benefits of Used Wooden Pallet Recycling and Recovery

1. Cut Costs.

When you begin a pallet recovery program, you instantly diminish your need to constantly purchase new pallets because you have an ongoing, incoming pallet inventory – depending on how many pallets your business handles on a regular basis. By using refurbished pallets in place of new pallets, you’ll maximize your investment and prevent your company from overspending on packaging needs.

For example, one of our clients has been taking advantage of our pallet recovery, repair, and return program for more than eight years and has saved in excess of 25 percent per pallet through our partnership. How? Keep reading for a quick rundown on their savings.

Pallet Recovery Case Study

This company (we’ll refer to it as Client A) required large customized pallets, which cost approximately $65 per new pallet. Client A regularly uses these pallets to transport their large goods to a variety of locations across the country.

Once the goods are shipped, we wait for their distributors to collect 30 or more pallets, and then we retrieve them and bring them to our pallet recyclers where they are refurbished or disposed of (if necessary). Once the recyclers collect 120 recycled pallets, we return them to Client A for reuse. By allowing us to consistently repair their pallets, Client A is able to expand the lifetime of the pallets, some of which have lasted throughout our entire eight-year partnership.

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