Galvanised Steel Pallet


A) Very Durable & Highest Strength E) Customized Dimension
B) Cost Effective & Reasonable Price F) Light Weight
C) Cost Saving 50% to 80% From Plastic and Wooden Pallet G) High Recycle Value
D) Hygiene, No Rusting & Comply HACCP  


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One Way Pallet-Export Pallet

Light Duty Steel Pallet

Medium Duty Steel Pallet

Medium Duty Galvanised Steel Pallet

Heavy Duty Steel Pallet

Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Pallet

Pallet Tainer

Stackable Steel Pallet

Nestable Steel Rack

Pallet Tainer

Pallet Tainer

Pallet Tainer Malaysia

Pallet Tainer Kuantan

Pallet Tainer Kelantan

Steel Pallet Cage

Pallet Tainer With Middle Level

Pallet Tainer

Pallet Tainer

Automotive Rack

LPG Steel Rack

Cylinder Rack

LPG Transportation Steel Pallet

LPG Steel Cage

Cylinder Rack

1 - 24 of 92

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